Miami Photographer. (786) 800 7831. Fotógrafo, de eventos, familia y retratos. Hi, Welcome to my portfolio! Juan R Cruz is all about cultivating relationships me to my portfolio and capturing emotion to tell a unique story. Here you will find many of the stories I have documented over the years from traditional to experimental. I hope you enjoy all of these images as much as I have taking them.

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Pregnant photography. maternidad
Quinceañera Photography
Baby photography. Fotografia de bebés y niños
Mi pasión es tomarle fotos a bebés, capturar su alegría, su inocencia, su sabiduria, su honestidad y amistad. El tiempo pasa y los momentos se quedan plasmado en una excelente fotografía, permítame ayudarlo en esa encomienda. Maternity, New born Pictures, Children photos Studio or Packages and Babies Photo Packages in Miami are services that you cannot wait to have. Those different kinds of albums are priceless therefore, you will love to get them.
Fitness photography
Lifestyle photography.
Capturar a las personas en situaciones de su vida real, impregnarle a las tomas la personalidad, contar mediante una imagen su historia y emociones es cautivante. Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography that mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people's lives or to inspire people in different times Lifestyle photography is "posed" in a way that the photographer gives some direction and then documents the natural responses after. The goal of photography is always to put the subject in the best light, photography means painting with light after all. So, a little direction toward the best possible light is always the goal.
Family photography. Fotografía de familia
No dejes de congelar ese momento felíz, el tiempo pasa pero las fotos de familia perduran toda la vida, son fuentes de conocimiento e inspiración para generaciones futuras. Nothing captures the love within a family like a photograph. With the right setting, outfits and photographer, family photos become keepsakes you will cherish forever. So when it comes time to think of family photo ideas, you’ll want to come up with some that showcases your family’s personality. Whether you are all playing outside in the falling leaves, posing by the cozy fireplace or walking along the beach, you are the ones who will make the photo unique
Executive photography. Fotografía de negocios
El negocio es importante para ti, una buena imagen vale mas que mil palabras. La primera impresión solo toma 60segundos. Asegurate de tener la mejor toma fotográfica, profesional en tu oficina, negocio o pagina web Every stable and progressing business should think about their visual identity and online presentation. The personal branding story of each company is an important asset to the overall performance of the business and of its development. It turns out that not many companies have good portraits of their management and staff, meaning that the poor, low quality or random images used in companies’ websites can only scare away the potential new clients. Your business only gets one chance for the first impression, so it is very crucial for it to be as good as possible. Defining who you are and what you do, who are your employees and what are their roles will help people perceive you in the right way and trust you. This is why you should consider getting a professional headshot of your staff.
Events photography. Fotografía de Eventos, fiestas.
Un buen cake, caramelos, soda y muchos niños, pero...Cómo contarlo? cómo hacerlo si solo tengo malas imágenes tomadas por muchos con su celular?. Permíteme capturar esos momentos por ti, con fotografías bien balanceadas de máxima calidad y profesionalismo. Perhaps you want to take photos of your big celebrations but it is not enough for you to use you basic knowledge of taking photos, our Wedding photography can tell about all the moments that we have been shooting and all the experience that we have got around photography, so that way our service can fit you needs. We also offer the Miami Portrait Studio, the place that can help you find the best image of your family, of yourself, your couple, your pet, your best friend, your parents, etc. You can count with our detailed information on how and when to shoot a moment, also we are giving the best prices you will find.
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